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24 Hours in Milan

Riesling Flavours
10.00 a.m.

Breakfast at Pasticceria Marchesi

Breakfast in Milan means a cappuccino and a croissant (or, as the Milanese say, brioche). Majority owned by The Prada Group, there's no better place for it than Pasticceria Marchesi, known across the city for its pastries and panettone.

10.45 a.m.

The Last Supper

From breakfast to dinner. Round the corner from Pasticceria Marchesi, you'll find Santa Maria delle Grazie, the church home to Leonardo Da Vinci's masterpiece, 'The Last Supper'. Tickets need to be bought months in advance and you have a strict 15 minute viewing period. Don't be late!

11.30 a.m.

Head towards Cardona station and, behind Expo, you'll find Sforzesco Castle, the 14th century fortress once home to the mighty Sforza dynasty, Milan's Renaissance rulers. It hosts several museums, but if you're pushed for time, is impressive just to have a look at.

12.30 p.m.

Head East to Milan's popular bohemian district of Brera. With its cobbled streets and alfresco restaurants, it is the most charming area of the city. Wander the streets, or head to the Pinacoteca, Milan's foremost art gallery which holds some of Italy's finest paintings.

2.00 p.m.

A joint venture by Martini and Dolce & Gabbana, Bar Martini is a chic, glamorous spot for lunch. Sit in the covered courtyard area and people-watch until your heart's content.

3.30 p.m.

Turn the corner and make your way to Via Monte Napoleone. Even if you're only window shopping, it is worth seeing for the impressive concentration of luxury shops alone.

4.30 p.m.

The stunning Galleria Vittorio Emanuele connects piazza della Scala with pizza della Duomo. Known as 'The Living Room of Milan', it is perhaps the most beautiful shopping centre that you'll ever see.

5.30 p.m.

Milan's tourist hot-spot, the Duomo is one of the world's largest, and arguably most attractive, cathedrals. If you're not satisfied with merely looking at its Gothic facade, scale its 250 steps for a fantastic view of the city.

6.30 p.m.

Far more than a mere pre-dinner drink, aperitivo in Milan is a long-cherished ritual. Head to Mag Cafè in the Navigli area for a plate of meat and cheese with your Aperol Spritz.

8.00 p.m.

Hail a taxi and travel to the North of the city to visit one of its most charming restaurants and a true hidden gem: Trattoria Arlati. Enjoy traditional Milanese favourites of fresh pasta, osso buco and beef steak.

10.00 p.m.

Back towards the centre of Milan, you'll find the famous 10 Corso Como Café. Part of Carla Sozzani's glamorous design complex, the café exudes eclectic elegance and boasts an excellent selection of cocktails.

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